The purpose of the device consists in the automated geometric measurement of screws, bolts, pins and similar small objects for quality assurance

The object to be tested is clamped vertically in a quick-action chuck or attached to a magnet in the chuck and, depending on the measuring characteristic, illuminated with high-contrast or transmitted light. The test piece is optically captured by two or three high resolution CMOS black and white cameras and displayed in a window on the computer monitor. So that it is possible to detect larger objects in their entire length, they can be moved in parallel via the linear unit. Using a measuring program that can be largely configured by the user, various parameters such as diameter, thread properties, lengths but also shape and position tolerances, etc. can be measured.

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The device is calibrated via a certified calibration standard with different diameter and length intervals. Calibration is automatic and can be repeated at any time.

Data sheet for Precision measurement system

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