Optical extensometer type DHE 602

The type DHE 602 is a purely optical extensometer system for extending tensile testing machines with an existing electronic evaluation of the measurement results.

The system continuously provides the elongation of the bar after the start of the tensile test. The measurement accuracy is between 0.001 and 0.002 mm, depending on the sample length. After the bar breaks and the end of the tensile test, the system provides the uniform elongation Agt and the elongation at break A10, A5 or A11.2. The measurements are carried out in accordance with the known European and international standards and correspond to the values ​​of a manual measurement. For this purpose, the uniform elongation is measured in an area 5*D next to the break over a distance of 100 mm, the elongation at break is centered exactly above the break at the time at which the break occurs.

Data sheet for optical extensometer measuring system