Optical contactless measurement technics for industry research and development

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precision measuring system type SM 502

Precision measuring system type SM 502 and type SM 503

The devices type SM 502 and SM 503 are automatic precision measurement systems for the quality control in the deformation technology industry. The devices are equipped with two respectively three (type SM 503) CCT black and white cameras with double telecentric lenses. The illumination takes place by telecentric back lights. The optical amplification is fixed, the cameras are mount stationary side by side in vertical orientation with fixed working distance.

More technical characteristics:

Fully automatic precision measurement device type SM 503

Fully automatic precision measurement device type SM 502a

For the type SM 502a the above described device type SM 502 is enlarged with a fully automatic feeding equipment of test pieces. With this device it is possible to measure up to 72 parts automatically.

The test objects have to be deposit into the cases of the plate. From there the parts will be picked up automatically from the magnet at the rotation unit, measured and according to requirements put back into the same case of the plate or discharged into a storage box.