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SM 502 with screw

Precision measuring systems SM

The task of the device is to measure automatically the geometry of screws, bolts, drill bits and similar small objects for purposes of quality management.

The object to be measured will be clamped in horizontally into a quick-change chuck or will be fixed at a magnet within the chuck and, depending on the measurement characteristics, illuminated with strong contrasts by means of incident light or transmitted light. The part being tested is registered optically by two or three CMOS black-and-white cameras with high resolution and displayed in a window on the computer monitor. The object can be shifted in parallel along the linear unit to show its entire length. Various parameters, such as diameter, thread characteristics, lengths as well as form and position tolerances etc., are measured by means of a measuring program which users can largely configure themselves.

The device is calibrated by a certified calibration standard with several diameters and length. Calibration is done automatically and can be repeated at any time.

precision measuring system - screw