Optical contactless measurement technics for industry research and development

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Optical geometry measurement of reinforced steel for the concrete

Rib measurement inside The task of this device is defined as the automated geometric measurement of hot- and cold-rolled concrete steel with two, three or four rows of ribs, for the purposes of quality assurance and in-factory self-testing.
The measurement will be achieved in accordance with all european und the most international standards.

The concrete steel rod to be tested is clamped horizontally in the measurement unit. It is illuminated at high contrast by means of rotation, using vertical lighting or back lighting depending on the measured variable. The test piece is optically recorded at high resolution by two or three black and white CCD cameras from various angles, and is presented in a window on the computer monitor. A computer and an image processing unit digitize each image. The measurement principle is based on a search for black-to-white transitions, and the object boundaries are determined from the gray stages using a gradient process.

Rippenmessung Laser The device is calibrated with the use of certified round rods, which have incisions at precisely defined intervals. Calibration takes place automatically and can be repeated at any given time.

The rib measurement system determines the following measurements:

Rippenmessung Ergebnis