Optical contactless measurement technics for industry research and development

ECM Datensysteme GmbH

Extension measuring system DHE

Optical extensometer systems DHM / DHE

The instrument is used for contactless optical measurement of locational and length changes of test objects subjected to tensile tests or in a similar environment.

Three cameras will be installed fixed in a distance of about 400 to 800 mm to the probe in a protection case together with a special illumination unit. The cameras take continuously pictures of the test and displays them in a window at the computer monitor.With the software of the system the images captured from the cameras will be processed in real time and will be combined with the measuring values from the force and the distance sensor. A force extension curve will be take down. The Results will be stored together with the curve and so it is possible to process the data later for protocols, statistical evaluations, certificates etc. A data export to host systems is possible.

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